Pokemon Cards Are Back at McDonald's for a Limited Time

McDonald's is once again offering Pikachu Happy Meals that come with a pack of Pokemon cards.

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Kevin Knezevic
Pokemon Happy Meal

Pokemon-themed Happy Meals are back at McDonald's for a limited time.

The Pokemon Company

Pokemon and McDonald's have teamed up once again for a special Happy Meal promotion.

For a limited time, McDonald's restaurants across the US will be offering Pokemon Happy Meals. These meals come packaged in a Pikachu-themed box and include one four-card pack of Pokemon trading cards, a paper coin, a spinner and a Match Battle instruction booklet.

The promotion will be available until mid-September. You can read more on the official Pokemon website.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game continues to be popular among fans and collectors. Last year, Pokemon teamed up with McDonald's for a similar promotion to celebrate the series' 25th anniversary. Pokemon cards were in such high demand at the time that the company had to publicly announce it was racing to print more cards.

Since then, several new Pokemon TCG have been released, including the first Pokemon Go-themed expansion. A new set titled Sword and Shield: Lost Origin is slated to launch on Sep. 9.

Things haven't slowed down on the Pokemon video game front, either. A brand-new pair of Pokemon games titled Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are slated to launch for Nintendo Switch this November. Everyone who purchases a copy before Feb. 28, 2023 will get a special bonus Pikachu in their game.