PlayStation Network might finally let you change your username soon


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Sony may soon let you change that silly PSN ID to came up with 2006.

Josh Miller/CNET

Multiple developers reportedly say they've been getting ready for Sony to introduce the ability to change your username on PlayStation Network.

They've spent months preparing their games are to be compatible with the new option by fixing bugs and altering settings, Kotaku reported, citing three anonymous sources at different game studios.

A fourth source shared a photo of a PSN profile with an option called  "edit username," saying it was a guide to the new feature from internal Sony documentation, according to the video game news blog.

The developers didn't suggest a time frame for the option being publicly available. They did say that retroactively making the feature compatible with old multiplayer games could be overly laborious.

Sony didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Xbox Live, Microsoft's PSN competitor which launched in 2002, lets you change their gamertag at will (at a cost of around $8 if it wasn't created for you automatically). PSN, which launched in 2006 for PS3 and PSP, has never offered the feature, even as the service expanded to PS4 and the soon-to-be-discontinued PS Vita.

Sony changed its tune on another long-sought feature last week, when Fortnite on PS4 entered a cross-play beta with Switch and Xbox One.

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