The PlayStation 4 finally gets a media player

Have video files you want to watch? The PS4 now gives you a tool do that.

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Now you can play your own video files on the PlayStation 4. Sony

The PlayStation 4 is getting a Media Player app that you can use to play videos or music and view photos. Sony let the news slip just before its big E3 press conference Monday night and announced the addition on its blog.

Given that the PlayStation 3 offers a Media Player, it was surprising that the PS4 didn't come with one at launch. Now Sony's adding it, so you can play video and audio files from a USB-connected drive or streamed from a home server. The move is sure to make PS4 owners happy; Sony says it's been a highly requested feature. The PS4's console competitor, the Xbox One, has a media player as well.

Starting tonight, Media Player will show up on the PS4's content screen and you can select it to download it from the PlayStation Store. It supports a variety of media file formats, including MKV, AVI, MP4, JPEG, PNG, MP3 and AAC.

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