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PS4 firmware update hit with widespread bug

PlayStation 4 users who have updated to firmware version 2.00 report that putting the system into "Rest Mode" prevents the console from reawakening.


PlayStation 4 users may not want to update their consoles to firmware version 2.00 just yet -- at least not until Sony is able to send out a patch that fixes some of the software's hiccups.

Version 2.00, codenamed "Masamune," boasted a number of notable feature updates including uploading gameplay videos to YouTube, sharing games with friends over the Internet and system themes.

However, the update has been tainted by widespread reports that putting the system into standby mode (now dubbed "Rest Mode") prevents the console from reawakening. Both of the consoles in our office encountered the same issue. Bugs with YouTube functionality have also been reported.

For now, Sony has suggested booting consoles into "Safe Mode" to update a system's software and told CNET "we're investigating these issues and will provide an update once we have more information."

Whatever you do, try and avoid unplugging a hanging PS4, as you can damage the system's data.

We expect a version "2.0.1" release at any moment, but also recommend PS4 users who have already updated to 2.00 to select the "turn PS4 off" option instead of Rest Mode until Sony has properly addressed the situation.