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Play your favorite 'Star Wars' games from the '90s right now

Good Old Games (aka has teamed with Disney Interactive to bring popular LucasArts games from the '90s to modern computers.

"Star Wars: X-Wing" is finally getting the digital rerelease it deserves, thanks to Good Old Games Disney Interactive/LucasArts

Remember "Star Wars: X-Wing" and "Star Wars: TIE Fighter?" Those space combat simulators count among the best "Star Wars" games of all time, and they're just two of the six LucasArts titles being released on retro gaming store Good Old Games (GOG) Tuesday.

Of the six games released, "X-Wing," "Tie Fighter" and "Sam & Max Hit the Road" are each being digitally released for the first time ever (finally!). They are joined in the store by "The Secret of Monkey Island," "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis" and "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic." Prices range from $5.99 (roughly £3.71, AU$6.19) to $9.99 (about £6.77, AU$11.29), and each title is DRM-free so you can take it with you to each new computer you eventually buy.

The release is part of a new partnership between GOG and Disney Interactive that will bring over 20 classic LucasArts games back to life for a new generation of PC gamers. New titles will be appearing each month, making the rest of 2014 an epic time for "Star Wars" fans looking to relive some incredible games from days past.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a Star Destroyer to blow up.

(Via Kotaku)