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Paidia gaming community promises safe space for female gamers and their allies

The online community is launching in beta as more people demand that gaming firms act against harassment and other issues.


Online gaming community Paidia launched the beta of its portal on Wednesday, aiming to deliver a secure environment for gamers in search of a supportive, inclusive and kind community. You can create an account on Paidia's website. But first, you must take the Paidia Pledge: a promise to denounce online harassment and abuse of any kind. After signing up, users get a 60-day free trial to explore the portal, and then it's $10 per month.

Paidia members will get access to a library of games, and they can host and play in tournaments, regardless of skill level, the company says. The portal also includes original content like articles, podcasts, audiobooks and on-demand classes, so gamers can explore and expand their interests. Members can get access to new technology, merchandise and gear from Razer and Xbox Game Pass as well.  

Paidia is backed by the investors behind Guild Esports, Dynasty Esports, Leaf Mobile and Argo Blockchain and will feature voices from the gaming community like Jeannail Carter (@Cuddle_Core), Stephanie Harvey (@missharvey) and Kelsey Impicciche (@KelseyDangerous). 

"We are seeing incredible year-over-year growth for the gaming industry. One in three people on the planet play video games, with women making up nearly half of the total market, and yet 77% of women experience harassment while playing online," Paidia CEO Jill Kenney said in a statement. "At Paidia, our focus is on quite literally changing the game by building an aspirational brand that not only offers products, solutions and messages that authentically speak to women and allies of all genders, but also provides a safe and inclusive place for them to connect and play." 

Though harassment in gaming isn't a new issue, more people are demanding that developers and publishers take action against online harassment and toxic workplace environments. Paidia's portal is still in beta, but it's proposing a safe haven for the 65% of online gamers who've reported threats, stalking and harassment

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Correction, Nov. 11: This story has been corrected to show that Paidia is backed by the investors behind Guild Esports, Dynasty Esports, Leaf Mobile and Argo Blockchain, rather than those companies themselves.