Overwatch League makes the grade

In our first progress report, we grade the league's clarity, quality, consistency, accessibility and engagement.

Ashley Esqueda Senior Video Producer
Ashley Esqueda is an award-winning video producer and on-air talent based in Los Angeles. She has been playing video games since she was 3 years old, and loves the history of television. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband Jimi, son Wolfgang, and two very squirrely Italian Greyhounds.
Ashley Esqueda
Robert Paul / Blizzard Entertainment
Watch this: Overwatch League progress report: So far, so good

It's been less than two years since Blizzard Entertainment launched its mega-popular team shooter Overwatch . In that time, the game has amassed over 30 million players, gave birth to countless memes and parodies, and also launched its own professional esports league. 

It's only been a few weeks since Overwatch League (OWL) kicked off its inaugural season, but I figured it would be fun to track the League's progress via progress reports covering various benchmarks for success. For this first report card, I chose to grade quality, clarity, consistency, engagement and accessibility; even as a die-hard Overwatch fan, there's definitely room for improvement if the League wants to bring in casual gamers. We'll swing back around to our grades later in the season to see if OWL keeps evolving to meet the needs of its viewers (it's already adapted once with some much-needed schedule changes), but for now, the League seems like it's in a pretty good place. 

If you've checked out Overwatch League and have suggestions for its success (or just want to brag about your sick Pharah skills), drop 'em down in the comments.