Overwatch 2 Season 10 Guide: Porsche Collaboration Available Now

D.Va and Pharah get new shop skins inspired by the automaker's new electric vehicle line.

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Screenshot of the new D.Va and Pharah Porsche skins

Season 10 of Overwatch 2 brings back the best part of Overwatch 1 (instant access to new heroes), alongside the usual suite of seasonal goodies, plus a new limited-time mode. It's a strong showing after the significant changes in season 9, which changed health pools for all heroes and added size changes for all damage projectiles. The new season launched on April 16, and while it's a little light on balance changes, there's plenty for new and returning players to like.

Here's your guide to Overwatch 2 Season 10.

Race into battle with D.Va and Pharah Porsche skins

If you like luxury sports cars and Overwatch heroes who shoot missiles, the latest Overwatch collaboration is coming for your wallet. The shop now features the skins Porsche D.Va, based on the all-electric Macan Turbo, and Porsche Pharah, based on the also-all-electric Taycan.

In addition to the skins, the Porsche collaboration also features event challenges that grant name cards, sprays, and XP worth up to four battle pass tiers. The Porsche event runs through May 27, and the skins will be available in the shop until June 3.

D.Va standing in front of the new Porsche skins

D.Va's pilot form also gets a slick new look.


Mirrorwatch swaps the forces of good and evil

I haven't been this excited about a seasonal event and battle pass theme since season 4's space opera theme. Season 10 introduces Mirrorwatch, an alternate universe where the heroes of Overwatch and the villains of Talon have switched sides -- with Doomfist, Sombra and Widowmaker leading Overwatch against villainous versions of Ana, Reinhardt and Mercy. Some skins are available in the battle pass, while others can be purchased in the shop. (I can't tell you whether the Arch-Commandant Ana skin is worth $40 for the ultimate battle pass, but I personally couldn't resist.) 

The Mirrorwatch limited-time event is now over, but it gave heroes twists on their usual abilities, like Doomfist's Power Block providing a shield for his team and Ana only being able to apply her Nanoboost to herself.

Artwork of Mirrorwatch versions of Overwatch heroes

Some of the Mirrorwatch skins have different voice lines for heroes, making the concept even more immersive.


New Hero: Venture

The first new damage hero since Sojourn joined the roster at launch, Venture is a dynamic addition to the game. Their excavation drill quickly grinds down enemies at close range, and both of their abilities offer neat mobility options. Venture's ultimate ability blasts powerful shockwaves in a conical pattern, and enemies who get hit take major damage and are launched several feet into the air 

I played Venture a few weeks ago during the trial weekend and had a blast. When playing the damage role, I typically prefer sniper heroes like Ashe and Widowmaker, but I really enjoyed how fluid and dynamic Venture's kit was. Unlike previous hero releases, Overwatch 2 has made Venture immediately available in competitive mode.

Collage of new features in season 10

Overwatch 2's roadmap for season 10.


New heroes freed from battle pass jail

One of the biggest complaints about Overwatch 2 when it launched was that new heroes were stuck behind battle passes. Players could unlock them at tier 45 on the free battle pass, or buy the premium battle pass for $10 that season to get immediate access. This was a drastic change from Overwatch 1, where every new hero was released to everyone for free.

In a developer update last month, Overwatch 2 Game Director Aaron Keller announced that new heroes would be immediately available to all players starting in season 10, no battle pass required. This is an enormous improvement for the game, removing a point of friction for returning players and giving new players the opportunity to jump in if a new hero piques their interest. This is the best change the game has made since it launched in October 2022.

More ways to unlock mythic skins

Mythic skins are among the coolest features Overwatch 2 added to the game, allowing players to customize the look of their heroes and enjoy unique voice lines, visual effects and sound effects -- like the lightning bolts that strike players when Zeus Junker Queen lands a knife toss on them. In past seasons, the premium battle pass allowed players to unlock only the mythic skin introduced that season. But starting in Season 10, players can earn mythic prisms, which can be used to unlock mythic skins from any season, including this season's Vengeance Mercy. Players can earn mythic prisms in the premium battle pass or purchase them separately from the store. If you're not a fan of this season's mythic and you missed out on an earlier mythic, you now have the ability to save up and pull something from the vault. 

Screenshot of the Vengeance Mercy mythic skin

Vengeance Mercy reimagines the angelic support as a member of villainous Talon.


New game mode trial: Clash

Season 10 also let players try an upcoming game mode called Clash. As Blizzard describes it in its Season 10 blog post: "This ultimate tug-of-war challenges teams to capture points along a linear path. With five capture points strategically placed on a mirrored map, teams must deftly maneuver to capture and defend points to clinch victory."

Clash felt like a cross between the Flashpoint and Push game modes, where you're fighting over capture points, but the areas you're fighting over change location as you or your opponents successfully take control. My early experience was that it's fast and frantic with less downtime than other game modes, with players prone to staggering. Clash will formally enter the map rotation in a future season.

Mirrorwatch skins for Cassidy, Doomfist, Widowmaker, Baptiste and Symmetra

The season 10 premium battle pass starts with Doomfist's Strike Commander Ogundimu skin and ends with Widowmaker's Captain Lacroix skin.


Grouping changes in competitive

Overwatch is answering a long-requested change by allowing players to queue for competitive matches regardless of their ranks. No more getting left behind by your grandmaster friend while the rest of you languish in plat, or leaving your silver friends behind when you hit diamond. Now, competitive groups are classified as either narrow (players are close in ranks) or wide (players are uncommonly far apart in rank, or are queuing in the grandmaster or champion ranks regardless of rank disparity). 

Wide groups will face longer queue times and lower rank gains the larger the gaps are between the ranks of your team members. If you're in a wide group, the system will notify you before you queue up for a game. According to a developer blog post, the matchmaker will attempt to match wide groups against wide groups and narrow groups against narrow groups, which means wide groups of four players are not allowed (thus sparing solo players from being thrown into a game with a wide group of strangers). Good news, solo players: You're now queuing exclusively against other solo players and narrow groups.

Overwatch 2 is free to play on PCNintendo SwitchPlayStation 4 and 5 and Xbox One and Series X/S