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Developer wants to make a 'Schindler's List for games'

"It's kind of embarrassing if you look at the video games industry and how they've handled World War II as a topic," Moon Studios CEO Thomas Mahler says.

Liam Neeson and Ben Kingsley in "Schindler's List," which tells the kind of human war story one game developer would like to capture. Universal Pictures

War video games often miss the point, focusing on action above all else instead of telling deeper, more human stories, says Thomas Mahler, CEO of Ori and the Blind Forest developer Moon Studios. He'd like to change that with a new game.

In an excellent, wide-ranging interview with GamesIndustry International, Mahler reveals that one idea he's currently prototyping is a project along the lines of a "'Schindler's List' for games." He says the game would take the form of an "interactive documentary" about Slovakian Jew Rudolf Vrba, who fled the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz in 1944.

Mahler is calling this game "Project Memoir." And though he's not yet talking specifics about its gameplay, Mahler stresses that it won't be another World War II shooter where all you do is blast zombies.

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