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Official GTA V gameplay trailer lands

Here it is: four and half minutes of gameplay from Rockstar's much-anticipated new Grand Theft Auto game.

Made entirely with in-game footage, the slightly annoyingly narrated trailer gives you a good look at the world of GTA V.

(Credit: Rockstar)

We'll leave you to watch the video and make your own impressions, but a few quick points we noticed:

  • The swap-in, swap-out character control looks quite seamless, with your character continuing their mission or daily life without you

  • Bank heists that you need to plan before executing seem to be a very core mechanic

  • Golf, yoga, base jumping, bike riding, tennis: this is definitely the Wii Sports of GTA games

  • Trevor is still definitely the best character.

GTA V hits retail on 17 September, with still no word on a PC version. It's definitely worth noting in light of recent news that this game has yet to be given a rating from the Classification Board. We'll keep you updated on that.