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Only Oculus can prevent face fires

As replacement Galaxy Note 7s prove unsafe, Oculus officially disables the Gear VR headset from working with Samsung's unfortunate phone.

Josh Miller

If you're a Note 7 and Gear VR owner and you've somehow remained unaware of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 recall as it's unfolded for the past month, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Several Note 7 users on Reddit have reported seeing the following error message when they try to access the Oculus mobile app:

The Oculus error message.

Panda_Turtle via Reddit

Oculus' Gear VR homepage confirms that the company is removing VR support for the Note 7 and directs customers to Samsung for more information. An Oculus spokesperson also told CNET that customers who have purchased content on the Oculus store for use with their Note 7 have the option to be refunded for that content.

Oculus wouldn't be the first company to back away from the Note 7 as even replacement Note 7 devices have been deemed unsafe. Retailers and mobile carriers alike have halted sales, while the FAA has restricted use. In the last 24 hours, Samsung has officially ended its production of the Note 7. Samsung also advises customers to stop using the device completely.

Oculus worked closely with Samsung to create the Samsung Gear VR headset, but this is the right move. The nightmare scenario for both companies would be if a Note 7 were to combust while it was strapped to someone's face.