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Obduction launch trailer delivers your Myst fix for the modern age

A new game from the makers of Myst beckons players into a fresh world of mystery, puzzles and eye-opening landscapes.

As a Myst fan, I leaned over my Mac and immersed myself in that eerie and beautiful world over and over again. I played the sequel, Riven, many years ago. Now Cyan, maker of those games, has launched Obduction, a spiritual successor set in its own puzzle-solving world. Cyan released a launch trailer on Wednesday (with minor game spoilers).

Obduction doesn't shy away from its Myst connections, and Myst fans will notice a similar aesthetic to the earlier game. There's a steampunk feel with rotating rusted metal structures and riveted doors. The trailer also hints at an expansive world, more akin to the varied landscapes of Riven.

The plot revolves around an organic artifact dropping down from the sky and moving you, the player, across the universe. Your goal is figure out why, where you are and how to get home.

Obduction started life as a Kickstarter campaign, which handily topped its funding goal in 2013. Nearly three years later, the game is available to buy through Steam, Gog and the Humble Store. The Mac version isn't yet out due to what Cyan describes as "technical hurdles."