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Nvidia's The Division PC graphics guide helps improve performance

Plus, corporation acts fast following widespread reports that its Division 364.47 driver was triggering critical problems.

Graphics giant Nvidia has published an extensive guide to maximising graphics and system performance for The Division on PC.

Within the guide, Windows users can find ways to tweak the graphical and performance settings across some 25 separate fields, including texture quality, anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion, anisotropic filtering and object detail.

It also offers help on eliminating various Division PC graphics problems, such as screen stuttering and v-sync tearing, along with a tutorial on overclocking. The guide can be found here.

Nvidia has also deployed a new beta GeForce PC driver (version 364.51) following widespread complaints that its launch-day Division PC driver was causing numerous graphics and performance problems, including multiple reports of blue screen of death.

On March 7, Nvidia was engulfed by a flood of reports from disgruntled PC gamers who claimed that the 364.47 driver was triggering critical errors. The driver was pulled hours after going live.

In a statement published on its website, Nvidia said "our initial investigation suggests the issue was related to doing an 'express' installation."

In other developments since its launch: