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Nvidia: Next-gen consoles still can't keep up with our chips

The company may have sour grapes because the next-gen consoles are running GPUs from competitor AMD.


Nvidia doesn't seem happy with news that Advanced Micro Devices has all but won this generation's console cycle.

The company pointed out Wednesday in an interview with The Verge that, while the next-generation consoles are notably more powerful on the graphics side, they still can't compete with the chips Nvidia is producing on the PC side.

"I'm glad the new consoles are here," Nvidia Senior Vice President Tony Tamasi told The Verge. "If for no other reason than to raise the bar." He also pointed out to The Verge that his company's graphics cards can deliver more than two times the graphical performance of the PlayStation 4, which runs AMD's technology.

AMD's chips are running in both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Nintendo even chose to go with an AMD chip in its Wii U. That leaves Nvidia out in the cold.

But Tamasi and his team believe on the PC side, with its higher-end processors like the GeForce GTX Titan, Nvidia is pushing the gaming space forward.

It's no secret that PCs have delivered better graphics than consoles since the very beginning, as long as power users bundle the right equipment into their machines. It's also no secret that Nvidia could have profited greatly off this generation's console market. But it won't.