Nvidia GeForce Now Update Brings 1440p at 120fps to Chrome, Edge

Up your game on a low-end laptop.

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Lori Grunin
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Nvidia's GeForce Now honeycomb background with thumbnails for Apex Legends, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fortnite and Crysis Remastered

Nvidia's latest update to its GeForce Now cloud gaming service makes it a little easier for all you Chromebookers to ramp up your play while ramping up your workload as you head back to school. The company's expanding support for (up to) 1440p at 120fps in Chrome and Edge browsers.

There are a lot of potential issues that might prevent you from actually getting that level of performance. In addition to paying extra for the necessary RTX 3080 subscription (at least $16.67 per month), you need to be able to consistently meet the network requirements for bandwidth and latency to achieve higher frame rates and resolution. The latter can be especially uncertain on a congested, IT-managed college network, even if you're lucky enough to have unrestricted access to sites like play.geforcenow.com.

If you're running on low-end Chromebook components found in popular budget models they may not be able to handle the top-level of performance, either, and it's even more likely that you have a 1080p screen. (You can still configure the settings for a faster frame rate at lower resolutions.) And you still can't get it on an iPhone or iPad, since iOS and iPadOS only run GeForce Now via Safari, though it's been available on Windows and MacOS via the app for a while.

Along with the 1440p/120fps news, Nvidia announced its weekly additions to its roster of GeForce Now-supported games: