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Now TV arrives on PS4 for Sky without the dish

Sky sports, movies and TV shows are now available without a subscription on Sony's next-gen console.

Sky/Now TV

Now TV is now on the PS4, opening up a new front for Sky's dish-free streaming service in the battle with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Now TV is Sky's online on-demand service, letting you watch Sky movies, sports and TV shows without a dish or a Sky subscription. There's no contract so you can leave any time.

Access to a wide range of movies -- including new releases that aren't available elsewhere -- costs £9 per month. TV shows -- including new shows like "Game of Thrones", "Silicon Valley", and "Ray Donovan", and many full series -- cost £5 per month. 24 hours access to the six sports channels costs £10, which is handy for events like a Formula 1 race or specific big games, but less useful for ongoing action.

As well as the new next-generation PlayStation 4, Now TV is available online or as an app on Android and Apple phones and tablets, LG smart TVs, and the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games consoles. It's also on the Roku streaming box, and you can watch Sky Sports on the Apple TV. Sports and Movies are also on the YouView set-top box.

The service isn't yet available on the PS4's next-generation rival, Microsoft's Xbox One. It is slated to arrive at some point this summer, however.

Sky's catch-up service for those of you who do have a dish, Sky Go, is also expected to head to the PS4 soon. In the meantime, next week's 1.75 software update will enable the console to play 3D Blu-ray films.

If you want to watch Sky's online films and shows on your telly, a Now TV streaming box costs just a tenner. For us, the Now TV box was one of the gadgets of the year as Now TV defined home entertainment.