Nokia, Yahoo rank among top companies for work-life balance

Sixteen tech companies claim a spot on Glassdoor's annual "Top 25 Companies for Work-Life Balance." Maybe canceling the work-from-home option at Yahoo wasn't such a terrible move after all.

Rachel King Staff Writer
Rachel King is a staff writer for ZDNet based in San Francisco.
Rachel King
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Online jobs community Glassdoor has released its third annual "Top 25 Companies for Work-Life Balance" report, and 16 tech companies crack the list.


However, the results might surprise you. Silicon Valley giants like Google and Facebook are supposed to have a reputation of being beloved by their employees thanks to all that free food, shuttles to work, theme park-like campuses and who knows what else.

Yet neither of those are anywhere to be seen on this report.

Instead, the chart reads more like a list of tech companies trying to make comebacks -- notably Nokia, AOL and Yahoo.

Yahoo is an especially curious case given its history over the last year. CEO Marissa Mayer has had some ups and downs in the eyes of some of her employees in the last year.

While certainly the new iPhones and Android smartphones along with free food on campus have pleased some, others were outraged when she cut the work-from-home option.

Nevertheless, there's always the adage that you never really know what is going on at home, and maybe that can be applied here.

For reference, Glassdoor's report is based entirely on employee feedback from the past year. To quality, companies must have at least 50 work-life balance ratings on Glassdoor within the past year and at least 10 the year prior.

On a five-point scale with 1.0 being "very dissatisfied" and 5.0 being "very satisfied," Glassdoor data pointed toward an average work-life balance rating of 3.2 thus far in 2013.

Tech did grab the top two spots with SAS Institute ranking number one with a work-life balance rating of 4.5, followed by National Instruments with a rating of 4.3.

Here's the full list of the top 25:

  1. SAS Institute
  2. National Instruments
  3. Slalom Consulting
  4. Mitre
  5. Orbitz
  6. ScottTrade
  7. Mentor Graphics
  8. FactSet
  9. Agilent Technologies
  10. Nokia
  11. MathWorks
  12. Autodesk
  13. AOL
  14. Citrix
  15. GlobalLogic
  16. Yahoo
  17. Tieto
  18. MasterCard
  19. Morningstar
  20. Shell
  21. Bosch
  22. Chevron
  23. REI
  24. STMicroelectronics
  25. NetApp

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