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Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure just got a free music-rhythm game mode

If you have a Switch and you have Ring Fit, you can dance to music tracks now.

Nintendo's music fitness update for Ring Fit Adventure looks like a whole game on its own.

Nintendo may have the best home answer to Beat Saber, if you have a Ring Fit. Nintendo just released a free update to its Ring Fit Adventure fitness game for Nintendo Switch, adding a new minigame that's a rhythm-based music workout set to a bunch of Nintendo gaming soundtracks.

I play Beat Saber all the time in VR. It's one of a number of stellar VR music games. Ring Fit Adventure's update looks like a great alternative, but you need the Ring Fit accessory and game, which are hard to come by now that lots of people are home sheltering.

The update also adds new language support for international players, and a jogging mode that allows more casual runs through levels without game challenges.


A look at some of the music tracks.


The seemingly bizarre Ring Fit Adventure, a fitness game for the Switch that launched last year, has turned into one of Nintendo's most memorable games. I still love it -- but please make sure to stretch before you play. And it's really best playing on a TV with the original Switch, although it will connect to the tiny Switch Lite if you have no other option.

The news was announced in a surprise Nintendo Direct Mini video today, along with an update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons and other game launch reveals. You can watch the full video below.