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Nintendo unveils 2DS XL, a $150 portable game system

The new handheld will play all Nintendo 3DS, new Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS games, but in 2D.

Nintendo's 2DS XL will be available on July 28.

Things are moving pretty fast for Nintendo.

Hot on the heels of discontinuing its wildly popular NES Classic mini gaming console and reporting hot sales for the Swift console, Nintendo on Thursday unveiled the 2DS XL. The new portable gaming system features a clamshell design and the same size screen found on Nintendo's new 3DS XL.

Nintendo said the 2DS XL will play all Nintendo 3DS, new Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS games. But as its name suggests, the new handheld hardware will display visuals in 2D.

The 2DS XL will cost $150 when it goes on sale July 28 -- the same day it plans to launch two new games. In the new Hey! PIMKIN, players will use side-scrolling to help Captain Olimar collect Sparklium to refuel his crashed ship. In Miitopia, players band together to explore a personalized world in which characters work to defeat a dark lord.

The announcement comes roughly 10 days after Nintendo announced it's ending production of the NES Classic, an all-in-one console CNET's Scott Stein called "your childhood in a brilliant little box."

Earlier Thursday, Nintendo said sales of its Switch game console have exceeded its own expectations. The company reported it sold 2.74 million units in its first month compared with the 2 million it predicted, which explains why finding one has been so tough.

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