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Nintendo to miss 20m NX console assembly target in 2016, report claims

Platform holder is said to be scaling plans down to 12 million shipments worldwide.

Some 12 million units of the Nintendo NX, the corporation's next-generation console, are expected to ship to retailers worldwide in 2016, a new report claims.

According to a Digitimes article, which cites a Taiwanese source said to be familiar with Nintendo's NX production plans, the initial target was 20 million units, but complications with acquiring all the necessary components has caused plans to be scaled back.

Nintendo has yet to reveal details of the Nintendo NX, aside from stating back in March that work was underway on the next-gen system. It has previously stated that it has "nothing more to say" about the system until 2016, and the corporation declined to comment when contacted by GameSpot regarding the latest report.

Recently, a Wall Street Journal article claimed that the console was a console/mobile hybrid with "industry leading" technology.

The accuracy of Digitimes' most recent report could not be verified at the time of going to press, but the publication has for several years revealed Nintendo's console manufacturing plans, apparently due to its contact with local sources involved in production.

In July, the publication said manufacturing of the console was scheduled to begin in October, adding now that the console is estimated to enter mass shipments in the second calendar quarter of 2016.

Foxconn Electronics, the assembler of Apple's iPhone, has reportedly been chosen to manufacture the device, but the company declined to comment.