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Nintendo to hold Wii U event in NYC on September 13

Nintendo is holding a press event for the Wii U on September 13 in New York City.


It looks like September 13 will be the day when Nintendo spills the beans about all things Wii U, including what I'm hoping is more than just the launch date and price. I'd imagine we'll also get a pretty good idea -- if not a definitive list -- of what the console's launch lineup will look like.

Nintendo COO Reggie Fils-Aime will be on hand to discuss the future of the console and explain some of the other features that the Wii's successor will be packing in. Of course you'll recall Nintendo's E3 2012 presentation that did seem a bit light on the Wii U news. That said, if Nintendo knocks it out of the park next month, all will be forgiven.

I got some hands-on time with a few Wii U titles at E3 2012, including what's likely to be a launch game, Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition.

The CNET crew will be covering next month's event live, so be sure to tune in for all the breaking news.