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Nintendo Switch's shortage problems may soon be over

The video game maker has reportedly upped the production for its hit console.

The Nintendo Switch is a hot item. 
Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET

The Nintendo Switch has been a tough video game console to nab in recent months, but there's hope for the holidays. 

The Japanese company has raised its production order to two million units a month, according to Digitimes. Take the report with a grain of salt, as the publication has a mixed track record.

Still, the increased order makes sense given the huge demand for the Switch, which bridges the gap between a portable video game system and a home console. The console has routinely sold out in stores and was the top-selling console in August, according to NPD Group. 

The report said the supply issues are a result of the lack of key components like DRAM memory, which has affected other areas of the consumer electronics industry. 

A Nintendo spokesman wasn't available for comment. 

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