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Nintendo Switch update adds Joy-Con button remapping, SD card downloads

Finally, you can change how you control your games.

Oscar Gonzalez Former staff reporter
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Oscar Gonzalez

The Joy-Cons are getting a much-requested update. 


Nintendo released a new system update for the Switch console on Tuesday. Included are two big changes that console owners have been requesting for some time. 

Update 10.0.0 is available for download to Nintendo Switch consoles . The system update allows players to remap the buttons and switch the analog sticks on the Joy-Cons, the Pro Controller and the Switch Lite . Up to five configurations can be saved internally on the Switch

Another change is the option to transfer downloadable software and update data from the SD card to the Switch's internal memory. What can't be moved over is saved game data and certain update files. 

Aside from these two features, the 10.0.0 update lets users bookmark news items, adds more profile icons and a new Play Activity setting.