Nintendo Switch update adds video capture, data transfer

Video clips can now be shared, and your system data can be moved to another Switch... but there's a catch.

Not all games support video capture yet.
Sarah Tew/CNET

A week ahead of Nintendo's next big Switch game, Super Mario Odyssey, a big software update arrived to the console. It adds some interesting new features to try. But it also doesn't address an ongoing problem.

Switch update 4.0 allows you to capture video, so you can share clips of games from the system. Previously, you could only take screenshots. The clips are 30 seconds long, and not all games support the recording feature yet.

The update also adds a way to transfer user data to another Switch, something that was actually impossible to do before.

That's great news, but keep in mind that the data transfer is a local move, and doesn't back up game save or software data in Nintendo's cloud. So, if you lose or damage that Switch... you're still out of luck.

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