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Nintendo Switch Sports Adds Free Golf Update to the Mix

A new free bonus sport makes Nintendo's multiplayer Switch game even better.

Scott Stein Editor at Large
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Scott Stein
2 min read
a character with a yellow hat hits a golf ball down a fairway in a screenshot from Nintendo Switch Sports

Switch Sports golf is now available.


One of the best multiplayer single-Switch games released this year is Switch Sports, a remake of the classic Wii Sports game that uses the Switch's Joy-Con controllers for motion tracking just like the old Wii remote controllers did. Nintendo just added an extra sport via a new update, and it's one that Wii Sports used to have: golf. At $40 (or $50 for the physical cartridge and leg strap accessory that works with soccer), this game's finally feeling like a complete package.

Switch Sports has had several free updates since its release, but golf was the one we were waiting for: It's been promised since the debut, and the reality is a fun game for single players or groups. There are 21 holes included, and the swing-based mechanics are just challenging enough to make it something that, after a few quick plays, I'd like to keep practicing to master. It feels a bit like VR golf, but without a VR headset. This brings Switch Sports' included sports total to seven: tennis, badminton, volleyball, soccer, bowling, chambara (swordfighting) and golf.

The update also added a LAN mode for local play between Switch systems as an alternative to playing online.

Nintendo also has its own deeper Mario-themed tennis, golf and soccer games, which add extra modes and unlockable characters. But at $40, Switch Sports is a less expensive overall package, and includes just enough motion-controlled fun to be a great casual choice for families, friends or kids. It's a game that I've come back to a lot more than I expected.