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Nintendo Switch OLED restock: Best places to look ahead of Cyber Monday

Black Friday has come and gone, but it's still worth keeping an eye out for places to buy consoles. We haven't seen many Switch OLED restocks lately, but we know more are coming soon.

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Nintendo restocks have been slow over the past week, and it's been hard to find retailers with the new Nintendo Switch OLED in stock. That's likely to continue, Nintendo has warned, thanks to chip manufacturing delays and shipping issues. So if you're planning to give one this year, it's important to shop early. This had some clear downsides when it came to Black Friday: There were no savings on the console itself in 2021 (though Nintendo does have some games on sale) and the same was true during the year's biggest shopping event. But that doesn't mean there won't be Switch OLEDs available in the coming weeks -- just keep your eyes peeled, especially on Cyber Monday.

The Switch OLED comes in two color variants: There's one with white Joy-Con controllers and a white dock, and one with the traditional black color scheme and red-and-blue controllers. Though both versions are prone to selling out quickly, the white Switch seems to be the more popular due to its sleek new look. During restocks, the version with red-and-blue Joy-Con controllers tends to stay in stock longer than its white counterpart, so keep that in mind.


The Nintendo Switch OLED sells for $350, $50 more than the standard Switch.


Switch OLED vs. original Switch: What's different?

While there had been rumors of a new Switch console with 4K visuals and major performance upgrades, that's not what we got with the Switch OLED. This new Nintendo Switch has a slightly larger 7-inch OLED display while delivering the same 720p resolution when not in its cradle and 1080p visuals when connected to your television. Despite the increased screen size, your favorite Joy-Cons are compatible with the console. 

For a full breakdown of what's new and different about this Switch, check out this OLED Nintendo Switch explainer from CNET's own Scott Stein.

A few helpful tips for buying a Nintendo Switch OLED

While we haven't seen many Switch OLED restocks lately, it's possible retailers have been stocking up for the holiday season rush. With that in mind, here are a few tips to keep in mind if you're on the hunt for a Switch OLED.

  • Only buy from official retailers; if you see someone selling this console on Twitter it's almost assuredly a scam.
  • Be sure to read the whole order page, as many retailers have started implementing two-stage purchasing systems to stop bots from placing the order instead of a person. Best Buy, for example, has you click "Buy" once to join the queue, and then you must wait for the button to light up again to actually add the console to your cart.
  • Don't give up right away! If something happens to your preorder and you're unable to complete the transaction, keep refreshing. Retailers have been intentionally releasing stock in small quantities to discourage bots from buying.
  • Seconds count when these consoles drop, so we recommend having an account set up on retailer's websites so you can bypass entering your payment info and jump straight to checkout.

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Where to order the Nintendo Switch OLED

Restocks of the console happen sporadically, and sometimes without any kind of heads-up. Our best advice is to keep a close eye on these retailers.


The Switch OLED is available in two different color schemes, one being the new white option.


We haven't seen the Switch OLED in stock at Amazon since its release on Oct. 8, but a drop could come at any time as Cyber Monday approaches. You can check current availability below.

Of these retailers Best Buy had the most recent OLED restock, which dropped on Nov. 1, but it's unclear if it will have another before Cyber Monday. You can check its listing in case of availability below.

Walmart is the only retailer that currently has OLEDs in stock (albeit at a markup). You can check the listing below.

Target's last restock was a few weeks ago on Oct. 19, so it's possible it will have another on the way soon. You can check current availability below.

GameStop last had the OLED Switch in stock on Oct. 29, one of the more recent drops. It's also worth noting that, in the past, the retailer has sometimes provided its PowerUp rewards members with early access to game and console drops, though there is no guarantee that will be the case here. You can check its listing for availability below.