Want a Nintendo Switch? Every GameStop will get five Tuesday

A GameStop rep confirms that each US store will get a *minimum* of five Nintendo Switch units.

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record: the Nintendo Switch is hard to find. Particularly if you don't want to buy a big bundle filled with extras.

But starting tomorrow, you may have a chance to buy a Switch at its normal $300 price.

A GameStop rep tells CNET that *every single one* of its over 4,400 brick-and-mortar stores in the United States will be shipped a minimum of five (5) Nintendo Switch consoles on Tuesday, August 15, with those units on hand and available to sell no later than Wednesday, August 16. 

"This marks the first time since the initial launch of Nintendo Switch that all GameStop stores will have the system in stock at the same time," writes GameStop.

Since it's not clear whether Tuesday or Wednesday will be the right day for your local store, you may need to call ahead and/or stand in line to have a better chance. Note that these are only available in-store, not online: is only selling bundles, and even those aren't slated to ship until September.

Of course, GameStop isn't the only way to get a Nintendo Switch. One CNET editor spotted a pair of them just sitting on a shelf at a local Target the other day, and we see a small number pop up on product-tracking services like every few weeks.