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Nintendo Switch eShop sale has Mario, Diablo and more

Some of the best Switch games are on sale at the eShop through Dec. 10. Jump on this.

Super Mario's on sale right now, if you're interested.

Did you miss out on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Nintendo eShop sales, and do you own a Nintendo Switch? Nintendo has thrown us a bone: a new eShop digital download sale has emerged timed to last night's Game Awards broadcast.

There are a bunch of seriously great Switch games at discounts through the morning of Dec. 10 (at 8:59 a.m. PT to be exact). The whole list is here on Nintendo's website. 

How good? How many? There are some games here that never seem to get sales, including Super Mario Odyssey and the recently-released Diablo III, which weren't on sale during Black Friday or Cyber Monday on Nintendo's eShop. Here's what you should buy, if you don't already own them.

Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. 

Super Mario Odyssey ($42, 30% off)

One of the best games Nintendo's ever made, and a stand-out of 2017. It's rarely on sale.

Super Mario Odyssey review.


Diablo III: Eternal Collection ($40, 33% off)

The Switch version of this game has earned rave reviews, and it supports multiplayer. I just bought it.

Diable 3: Eternal Collection review.


Now playing: Watch this: Here's why Super Mario Odyssey is so freaking great

Other games on sale:

  • Celeste ($16, 20% off) - a fantastic indie platformer.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ($30, 50% off) - excellent port of a classic RPG.
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus ($30, 50% off) - solid Switch FPS.
  • Dead Cells ($20, 20% off) - one of the best games of 2018.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ($42, 30% off) 
  • FIFA 19 ($36, 40% off)
  • Overcooked! 2 ($18.74, 25% off) - excellent co-op party game.
  • Mega Man 11 ($24, 20% off) - Capcom's well-reviewed brand-new Mega Man sequel.
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ ($42, 30% off)
  • Starlink: Battle for Atlas (digital edition, without the toy ships) ($45, 25% off)
  • NBA 2K19 ($30, 50% off)
  • The Messenger ($14, 30% off)
  • Into The Breach ($10, 33% off) - another game that's made a ton of best-of-year lists.
  • Valkyria Chronicles 4 ($30, 50% off)
  • Yoku's Island Express ($10, 50% off)
  • BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle ($37.50, 25% off)
  • Banner Saga 3 ($20, 20% off)

I'd definitely recommend Celeste, Skyrim, Dead Cells, Overcooked! 2, Into The Breach, and obviously Diablo III and Super Mario Odyssey.

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