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Nintendo Switch accessories could answer some early questions

Allegedly leaked accessories for the new console posted to Twitter could hint at launch titles.

Hori, a third-party accessory maker, might have just answered a few questions about the very hush-hush Nintendo Switch. A Twitter user leaked some alleged internal documents showing off Hori's Nintendo Switch range.

An editor of Let's Play Videogames has vouched for the accuracy of the leaks. So grain of salt and all that. Even if this is just idle speculation, it goes to show how eager the rabid fan base is for any and all details about the Nintendo Switch.

The big news is that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might be a launch title on Nintendo's upcoming console. The Zelda skin set for a "March 2017" release strongly suggests that the game itself will come out alongside the new Nintendo console, which itself doesn't have a firmer release window than that.

Hori also teased an arcade-style game pad, which would strongly suggest that we'll be seeing a fighting game on the Switch sooner rather than later. More generic accessories include a charging dock for the Switch's modular controller, a playstand, a traditional controller and different carrying cases.

In any case, we may only need to wait until 11 p.m. ET this Thursday evening, when Nintendo is hosting a major event for the Switch. We haven't heard anything yet on price, release date or launch titles, but expect at least some of the blanks to be filled in then. Until then, you can go back to the announcement trailer and freak out all over again.

Nintendo did not immediately respond to request for comment.