Classic Nintendo NES manuals will hit you with nostalgia

With the release of the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo has also walked down memory lane with the original instruction booklets for all 30 games.

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Press "go" for nostalgia. When Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition last Friday, it also took the opportunity to rerelease online the instruction manuals of the 30 included NES games in all their original glory.

This NES sold in very limited quantities, so unfortunately a lot of old-school gamers couldn't get their hands on one. If you missed out on the console, these booklets may be the next best thing for a trip down memory lane.

Not only do the booklets tell you how to play, they also fill in the premise of the game and characters' backstory. When they were first released, these booklets helped make the games compelling, it made you feel like you were the one who had to save princess Zelda, or that you alone could solve Dream Land's mystery. Plus, the original artwork added an extra layer of depth in an 8-bit world.

Fans can still enjoy Nintendo's old-school reading material even if you don't have the NES -- either by perusing them on the site or printing them out.

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Can Kirby save Dream Land? The suspense is killing me.


But if the booklets only make you more bitter that you couldn't snag one, you may get another shot soon. In response to the high demand, Nintendo tweeted that it would release a steady flow of additional consoles throughout the holiday season and into the new year. Check out our guide for a list of retailers selling the console and controllers.

Don't give up hope of owning your own mini NES console, and don't give in to crazy resale prices either, instead stay tuned Nintendo's Twitter and our guide for additional release information. You have plenty of manuals to read in the meantime.

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