Nintendo is finally giving players control over their game saves

But you'll have to join its new paid subscription service for the privilege.

Mark Serrels Editorial Director
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Mark Serrels

Nintendo revealed on Monday more details on what it's calling " Nintendo Switch Online", essentially a paid online service like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live. 

Nintendo Switch Online provides players with much of the same: online play and special deals for subscribers. There will also be 20 free NES games, equipped with online play for the first time -- games like Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Legend of Zelda will be available as part of the subscription.

The service will cost $3.99 per month, $7.99 for three months or $19.99 for a whole year -- but we knew that already.

Here's what we didn't know about until now: cloud saves. 

One of the more frequent complaints about the Nintendo Switch is an inability to back up saves. If you have a 200-hour save file for Zelda: The Breath of the Wild, that save file is completely tied to your console, there's no way to back it up. That's a dangerous game to be playing.

New details on Nintendo's site states that the Nintendo Switch Online service will come with "Save Data Cloud Backup".

"Details about this feature will be available before the paid service launches in September," says the website FAQ.  
Nintendo was reached for comment but did not immediately respond.