Nintendo confirms Netflix, Hulu Plus, others for Wii U

At E3, the game company says Amazon's Instant Video and YouTube will also be featured on the Wii U console.

Nintendo's Wii U will support Amazon Instant Video.
James Martin/CNET

Nintendo's Wii U console will have a host of streaming-video options, the company announced today.

Netflix streaming, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video will all be available on the Wii U, Nintendo announced at its E3 keynote. YouTube support will also be available on the platform.

It's clear that extending console functionality beyond gaming has become a goal of Nintendo's. Aside from video streaming, the company's upcoming Wii U will support a social platform, called Miiverse, that's designed to keep users engaged.

Still, Nintendo's announcement of a handful of video-streaming partners looks rather anemic next to Microsoft's decision to bring more than 35 more content partners to its Xbox 360. In the last year alone, Microsoft said yesterday, more than 200 million movies, television shows, and videos have been added to the Xbox 360.

Nintendo didn't announce any other content partners for its console.

This story has been updated throughout the morning.

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