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Nintendo announces Super Mario Maker 2 for Switch

You don't need a Wii U or 3DS to be an architect of the Mushroom Kingdom anymore.

Screenshot by CNET/Nintendo

One of the Wii U's biggest hits is about to make its way to the Nintendo Switch in the form of an enhanced sequel. Nintendo announced Wednesday Super Mario Maker 2, launching on Nintendo Switch in June.

It's not the first hit game from the Wii U era to make its way to the company's hybrid portable console, but it's easily one of the most heavily anticipated. Super Mario Maker gave players the ability to create their own Super Mario Bros. levels in the style of the original Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and the New Super Mario Bros. games. Mario Maker 2 seems to include all of that original content, plus a new mode for Super Mario 3D World.

That, it seems, is mostly just a new set of objects to place in the game, however, and not an isometric level building system that actually matches the style of the 3D world games. Still, the 3D World sets mean that Cat Mario and other 3D World exclusive power-ups will be making their way to the game.

Nintendo didn't give a firm release date for the game, but did promise a June 2019 launch.