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Nintendo 3DS XL has 4.9-inch screen, out in the UK in July

Nintendo's crafted a super-size version of its 3DS console that's out next month, and doesn't come with a charger.

Nintendo's made a super-size version of its 3DS console, dubbed the Nintendo 3DS XL, and has confirmed that it'll be released across Europe on 28 July, and will be sold -- astonishingly -- with no charger.

Called the 3DS LL in Japan, this gargantuan handheld offers a 4.88-inch (but let's just call it 4.9, shall we?) upper screen -- almost as massive as the gargantuan PlayStation Vita's.

The lower screen measures 4.2 inches on the diagonal -- compare that with 3 inches for the current 3DS. It'll come with a 4GB SD card and in three colour options: silver and black, red and black, or blue and black.

The new machine measures 156 by 93 by 22mm, which means that despite its extra size, it's only a tiny bit thicker. It is heavier though, tipping the scales at 336g compared to the 3DS' 235g weight.

A new design has been thrust upon this mammoth system, with rounded edges that bring the system in line with Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console. Battery life seems to have been given a boost too, with Nintendo touting three and a half to six hours of game play.

So what's missing? Well, there's still only one analogue stick -- despite the increased real-estate Nintendo hasn't opted to add a second waggle-wand to the 3DS XL, meaning if you want to play with two sticks you'll still need something like the funny-lookin' Slide Pad.

It doesn't look like the screen resolution has been boosted, so although visuals will be physically bigger, there won't be any more detail to see. As such, you might find things looking occasionally blocky.

Finally, the 3DS XL doesn't come with an AC adaptor in the box, so you'll have to buy one separately. "Even with the addition of the bigger screen," Ninty explains, "Nintendo's aim was to still make the system available at a reasonable purchase price.

"Because of this," the house of Mario continues, "and because so many fans already own a previous handheld, an AC adaptor will not be included."

The 3DS hasn't exactly been a roaring success, with Nintendo issuing a price drop last year to tempt gamers into trying its no-glasses 3D console -- so I'm not sure exactly how many people will already have spare chargers lying about. I wonder how many kids will be left playing with an unchargeable gadget come Christmas morn'.

Finally the size is a double-edged sword. This giant new system could make the most of those three-dimensional visuals, but it will make the system much less portable.

Will the 3DS XL be a big success? Or a giant let-down? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.