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Nintendo 3DS will shoot 3D video

Nintendo has announced a bunch of new games and software upgrades for the 3DS.

Nintendo has announced a bunch of new games and software upgrades for the 3DS. The troubled three-dimensional handheld gaming console will soon be able to shoot its own 3D video -- and it'll be pink.

Nintendo discussed the upgrades in its press conference at the Tokyo Game Show.

The former playing card company announced 30 games for the 3DS, including Monster Hunter 3G and a fistful of Mario games, including Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Cart 7 and Luigi's Mansion 2.

The company also wants to tap into the female gaming market, announcing games such as Girls Mode and Cinderella Life 2011. And a new 'misty pink' version of the device -- because girls love pink, right? Squee!

There's no changes in the hardware of the 3DS, which is a let-down; it's not been selling well and we'd have liked to see something new going on. The timing of the press conference -- before the Tokyo Game Show opens its doors -- led some to expect new kit, causing Nintendo stock to climb. If you were hoping for something exciting from Ninty, the news of new games and some software fiddlings is probably a disappointment.

There was also no mention of the Slide Pad, an accessory that adds a second analogue stick to the 3DS.   

Legend of Zelda fans could however be excited by Skyward Sword, a prequel game featuring Link and his pals for the Wii also shown off at the conference. A 25th anniversary special pack comes with a golden Wiimote.

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