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New Tomb Raider Announced, Will Be Built On Unreal Engine 5

Developer Crystal Dynamics said Lara Croft's next adventure is in early development.

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Sean Keane

Lara Croft will return, via Unreal Engine 5.

Crystal Dynamics

The next game in the Tomb Raider series has just started development, Crystal Dynamics revealed during Tuesday's State of Unreal 2022 presentation. It'll be built using Unreal Engine 5, but no gameplay has been revealed yet.

"Our goal is to push the envelope of fidelity and to deliver the high-quality cinematic action-adventure experience that fans deserve from both Crystal Dynamics and the Tomb Raider franchise," Tomb Raider franchise general manager Dallas Dickinson said of the upcoming game.

It's unclear when the new game will come out, or what platforms it'll be available on. We last saw Lara Croft in 2018's Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which completed the trilogy started in the 2013 reboot Tomb Raider. That story will be continued in an upcoming Netflix animated series, but we don't know if the new game will be set in the same universe.