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New Street Fighter V character Laura leaked

Laura comes with a move set inspired by Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and wields electricity.


A new character for Capcom's upcoming fighting game Street Fighter V has been leaked online. Screenshots of newcomer Laura were accidentally shared by Japanese publication Famitsu (via Eventhubs). The screenshots were reportedly shared by mistake when Famitsu was revealing images of returning character Zangief, who was announced earlier today.

Laura is a brand-new character to the series and appears to use electricity in her attacks. According to Eventhubs, the images of her attacks show influence from the Brazilian jiu-jitsu martial art. The stage shown in the screenshots also features visual cues pointing to Brazil as the location.

Capcom previously confirmed that there will befour new characters coming to Street Fighter V. In addition to Laura, the studio previously announced Necalli and Rashid, which leaves one more new character to be revealed.

Street Fighter V does not currently have a confirmed release date, but Capcom has said that the game will be out during its current fiscal year, which ends on March 31 next year. The game is in development for PlayStation 4 and PC, and will allow cross-platform play between both systems.