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New Star Soccer update brings headers, swerve kicks and more

Female players and the ability to retire are more new additions to the popular footie-app.

Great news, New Star Soccer fans -- a massive update to the BAFTA-award-winning app has arrived, introducing a wealth of new features.

With the version 1.5 update -- which lands on Apple's iOS platform today -- you'll be able to perform headers, and a new swerve kick (introduced via all-new boots), which lets you manipulate the curve of the ball in real time.

New commentary and post-match headlines are chucked in, as is the power to -- at last -- play as a female character. An unlockable 'hard mode' should challenge seasoned players, and a night-mode lets you play evening games.

There are new lifestyle items to purchase, and an in-game personal trainer gives you the power to recover faster, and have more energy.

As your character ages, your skills will deteriorate, in a morbid reminder of your own mortality. While this means you'll have to work harder to keep your skills up, the '1.5' update also introduces the option to retire, before your abilities evaporate and "ruin the memory of your past achievements", as New Star Soccer's press release indelicately puts in.

There are new footballs too, as well as Twitter and Facebook integration, plus three save game slots, so you can have several players on the go at one time.

That's plenty of new stuff to get your teeth into, so I'd recommend downloading the update and having a go. There's no Android update yet, but apparently it's coming "very soon", so hold tight, Google fans.

Are you addicted to New Star Soccer? Let me know what you think of the changes in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.