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New Nintendo Wii coming 4 November, bundles aplenty

The new Wii is slimmer, sits horizontally rather than vertically, and won't be compatible with GameCube software or accessories.

Nintendo announced the new console back in August, but it's only just been given a release date. And the good news is it'll be well before Christmas.

The new Wii will touch down on 4 November, reports CVG, though there's no official price yet. Nintendo also took the opportunity to announce some pretty tasty-looking bundles.

First the good news. The new Wii is slimmer than the original we know and love, comes in the same white colour, and sits horizontally rather than vertically, avoiding topples. The bad? It won't be compatible with GameCube software or accessories, so you're out of luck if you're still rocking old school games.

It'll come as part of the Wii Family Edition pack shown here, along with Wii Sports and Wii Party, a Wii Remote Plus control and Nunchuk. Nintendo also announced a Wii Fit Plus hardware bundle that'll launch on 2 December, consisting of a black Wii console, Wii Fit Plus and a black Wii Balance Board. Well, it's important to stay colour coordinated while exercising.

To celebrate the summer olympics (a little early), Nintendo announced yet another bundle yesterday, consisting of a blue version of the new-style console and Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. And all this ahead of its Wii U coming next year. Phew.

In other gaming news, Xbox's Major Nelson today announced a new 320GB hard drive to go with your Xbox 360 S model. It comes with an Xbox Live download code for Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. So today's full of good news for gamers of almost any persuasion.

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