New Nintendo 3DS models sport NFC and extra buttons

The updated 3DS devices, currently for Japan only, also feature a stronger CPU than existing models and are built to support custom covers.

Eddie Makuch Staff writer, GameSpot

Nintendo's Amiibo figurines are now welcome on the 3DS, courtesy of the device's new NFC capabilities. Nintendo

During a Japanese Nintendo Direct video briefing Friday, Nintendo announced updates to its 3DS and 3DS XL devices. The new models, which have been announced only for Japan, feature an additional directional button and built-in NFC support. They launch in Japan on October 11.

The new models feature an analogue "nub" over the existing A,B, X, and Y buttons. In addition, there are new shoulder buttons -- ZR and ZL -- featured on top of the system, right next to the current L and R buttons.

The new 3DS models also feature a stronger CPU than existing models, which should allow for zippier downloads and browsing from the eShop, among other things. There is also built-in NFC support for Nintendo's upcoming Amiibo toy line. Nintendo will also sell an NFC adapter for existing models.

Finally, the new 3DS units are built to support custom covers, which will allow you to customize your system however you see fit.

The new 3DS will sell for 16,000 yen ($154) and the new 3DS XL will go for 18,800 yen ($180). There is no word yet on any launch outside Japan.

This story originally appeared at GameSpot under the headline "Nintendo Reveals New 3DS Models With Built-In NFC, Better 3D, And More."