New Mafia 3 PC patch will add 60fps and unlimited fps options

The game is currently locked at 30fps, but won't be for much longer.

GameSpot staff
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GameSpot staff
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For the first time in six years, Mafia fans now have a new entry in the series to play, as Mafia III launches today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. There was some tough news for PC players yesterday, however, when 2K confirmed that the game would be capped at 30fps at launch.

Now, 2K has reported back to say it has a patch in the works now that includes 30, 60, and unlimited fps options from the game's video menu. There are "other improvements" for the PC version of Mafia III also included in this update.

The update is now in testing. Should everything go to plan, the Mafia III PC patch should go out this weekend. Keep checking back with GameSpot for more on exactly when the patch comes out.

Mafia III is a sequel to 2010's Mafia II. The new game is set in 1968 and stars Vietnam War veteran Lincoln Clay in a story of revenge against the Italian mob. The game takes place in a version of New Orleans called New Bordeaux.

2K Games

GameSpot did not receive a full copy of Mafia III before launch, so we don't have a review available yet. Keep checking back in the days ahead for more on our thoughts on the game.

For now, you can check out an extended gameplay video above, in which we show off the opening act of Mafia III.

2K has also released a note on Twitter celebrating Mafia III's launch. The full text is copied below.

"It's been more than six years since you visited Empire Bay in Mafia II. Now, thanks to the tireless work of the whole team at Hangar 13 and 2K, Mafia III is finally here! We've pushed Mafia's trademark cinematic storytelling in a whole new direction with an open-world game. And we think you'll experience that from the second you start playing.

"The only thing that's missing now: you. How will you exact revenge against the Italian mob in Mafia III. Which lieutenants will you support on your rise to the top of the criminal underworld? Our motto is, 'Every player story is unique' -- And we can't wait to hear yours.

"Thank you for putting your trust in us and allowing us to continue doing what we do. Welcome to New Bordeaux."