A new Intellivision console is coming 2018

Intellivision Entertainment will unveil a new console on Oct. 1.

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Gordon Gottsegen
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An old photo of the original Intellivision video game system.

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Intellivision Entertainment announced that it's unveiling a new console on Oct. 1. The Intellivision system, which was released in 1979 by Mattel Electronics, played 16-bit games -- although graphically speaking, they were more in league with the Atari 2600 as opposed to the Sega Genesis or SNES -- and was the first to run a video game with voice/speech (Intellivision's Major League Baseball in 1979).

According to Intellivision Entertainment, this new console, which as yet doesn't have an official name yet, will be a "new concept, design and approach to gaming ."

Retro video games have been picking up recently. Just look at the popularity of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic. However, it's not clear yet what approach this new console will take.

You can subscribe for updates about the new console on Intellivision's website. Intellivision says the first 100,000 subscribers will be able to buy a limited-edition version of the console not available anywhere else.