New Hearthstone cards shown in action

The Grand Tournament expansion showcased in new video; Inspire mechanic explained.

GameSpot Staff
GameSpot Staff
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Blizzard has published a new Hearthstone gameplay video showcasing a handful of new cards that will be packaged in its next expansion.

Called "The Grand Tournament," the expansion is scheduled for release next month and is set to add more than 130 new cards to the game, as well as a new mechanic.

A card with the new "Inspire" mechanic will do something when the player activates their hero power, opening up a whole range of new possibilities. Cards with the new ability include the Kodorider, a six-mana 3/5 minion whose ability is to summon a 3/5 War Kodo to the battlefield when its owner's hero power is activated.

Another card played in the match, the Coldarra Drake, allows Hero Powers to be used many times. Images of the first cards revealed in the expansion can be found below.

The Match also showcases the game's new arena, which is set to be released along with the expansion.


The game will add a new keyword, Inspire, which activates every time you use your hero power.