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New Elden Ring Patch Buffs Weapons and Incantations, Fixes More Bugs

Fans of big swords will find a reason to pick one up again after this update.

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Oscar Gonzalez
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Patch 1.04 adds some big changes.

Patch 1.04 adds some big changes.


Elden Ring developer FromSoftware on Tuesday released patch 1.04 for the game. Along with a slew of bug fixes, weapons and spell improvements, and balance changes, it also added a fitting ending to one beloved character. 

In the latest update, Colossal weapons received much-needed attention, as the big two-handed weapons weren't up to par when compared with other weapon types. Some of the changes include increased damage, faster attack speeds and improved guard boost when blocking with the weapons. 

Many incantations also saw improvements, from faster cast speeds, larger areas of effect, decreased recovery time and increased damage/effect. One incantation that was toned down was Swarm of Flies, which summoned a group of bloodflies to attack enemies. With the new update, the insects will do less blood damage, lowering the incantation's overall effectiveness. 

Another big change revolves around the FromSoftware mainstay character Patches. As is the case with most characters in the game, he had a series of quests for players to complete. Some players recognized that the conclusion of his quests seemed almost premature. According to the patch notes, some event phases were added to the character that could result in either more quests or other changes. Patches has appeared in every FromSoftware game since Demon's Souls, with the exception of Sekiro, and has been known to torment the player with various traps and deceptions. 

Various glitches and bugs were also fixed in the new patch. Rotten Strays, zombie-like dogs found in the game, used to do an extraordinary amount of damage resulting in even the highest-level players dying in one hit, but this glitch was addressed in the update. Another change was the fixing of a certain wall in the game. Elden Ring, like other FromSoftware games, has illusory walls that vanish after a single attack and usually lead to hidden treasures. Last month, players found one wall that required dozens of hits to be destroyed, which some thought was an example of a new kind of secret created by the development team. Instead, it was a glitch that's now fixed, making the wall unbreakable as originally designed. 

FromSoftware also added a subtle yet important change to the very beginning of Elden Ring. When players are transported to the Stranded Graveyard at the start of the game, some have missed out on the Cave of Knowledge, which acts as the game's tutorial area. With patch 1.04, players will receive a prompt indicating that they'll need to jump down the hole to learn the basics of Elden Ring. 

The new update should automatically install on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC whenever it's booted up.