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New Dishonored 2 trailer shows daring escapes using supernatural powers

See how Corvo and Emily's unique abilities can be used to run rings around enemies.

Bethesda has released a new trailer for Dishonored 2, in which main characters Corvo and Emily exhibit some creative getaways. The video is designed to showcase how supernatural powers and manipulation of enemy behavior can be used to make daring escapes.

Emily is shown using her Dark Vision, Shadow Walk, Doppleganger and Mesmerize abilities, among others, to distract, disarm and dispatch enemies. Corvo, on the other hand, gets more tricksy, choosing to possess his victims to disarm their defences and use his Blink ability to quickly escape danger.

There's an impressive array of powers on show; check them out below.

Having two protagonists is one of the major changes being introduced in Dishonored 2. The game allows players to choose to play as either Emily Kaldwin or her father, Corvo Attano. The story is the same, but told from two different perspectives. For the sequel, both characters are fully voiced, with Thief's Stephen Russell as Corvo and Erica Luttrell as Emily.

Bethesda recently announced that preordering Dishonored 2 grants you access to the full game a day early. On top of that, everyone who preorders will get a free copy of Dishonored: Definitive Edition.

Dishonored 2 releases for PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 11.