Xbox 360 emulator for Windows 10? 'Never say never'

In an exchange on Twitter, Xbox head Phil Spencer suggests an emulator would be more work but not impossible.

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Joshua Goldman

Many Xbox 360 games will work on the Microsoft's current Xbox One console.

Screenshot by Josh Goldman/CNET

Back in June 2015, Xbox head Phil Spencer surprised the video game world with news that Microsoft's Xbox One console would be able to play old Xbox 360 games. But is it possible that Windows 10 PCs might someday be capable of the same thing?

As part of a conversation this week on Twitter, Spencer was asked if Xbox 360 games might be playable on Windows 10 PCs with an emulator. His response: "Never say never."

However, as you can see in the exchange below, there would be more work required than what it took to accomplish the same for the Xbox One.

In the same exchange, Spencer also confirmed Xbox One games as well as compatible Xbox 360 games will be playable on Microsoft's upcoming Project Scorpio game system expected in late 2017.

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