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Netflix Games Added These Titles in October

An award-winning game and a killer sequel joined Netflix Games in October.

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Zachary McAuliffe
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Netflix, a CNET Editors' Choice Award pick, added two spooky games to its games library in October. While Netflix is virtually synonymous with streaming movies and TV shows, like Black Mirror and Stranger Things, your subscription gives you access to a library of mobile games you can play on your iOS or Android device. If you subscribe to Netflix, you can play these games and many more without ads or in-app purchases at no additional charge.

Here are the new titles Netflix Games added in October.

Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix and Kill

In this Netflix Games exclusive sequel, you take control of a killer named Skullface -- because of course. Skullface is running amok at a summer camp, and like any good killer running amok at a summer camp, he dispatches camp counselors in a variety of ways, such as decapitation and, um, squishing. It's your job to slide Skullface around the stage to get rid of the camp counselors in as few moves as possible. 

Dead Cells: Netflix Edition

Title card for Dead Cells showing a frame split into four quadrants with characters in each quadrant

Dead Cells, the award winning roguelike platformer, is now available on Netflix. You might object that it isn't really a horror or Halloween-themed game, but it does have "dead" in the title -- and you'll die... a lot. In this game, your character has to fight through creatures and dungeons to slay the king. And if your character dies, no worries, it's all part of the experience. Death unlocks more powers for your character and allows you to learn the right pattern to defeat your enemies. There's a reason the game's tagline is "Kill, die, learn, repeat."

Here's how you can access games in Netflix's library.

1. Download the Netflix app onto your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
2. Open the Netflix app and sign in to your account.
3. Scroll down your homepage until you see the Mobile Games carousel.
4. Tap into a game to learn more about it.
5. Tap Get Game to download a game you're interested in. 

An additional pop-up from either Apple's App Store or the Google Play store will open, asking if you want to download the game. After you've confirmed that action, the game will start downloading on your device, like other apps.

For more, check out other Netflix Games titles, including Oxenfree 2, WrestleQuest and The Queen's Gambit Chess.

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