Movies, video games, drones dominate 2014's top toys

Game of Thrones, Iron Man, and Minecraft are among the top toy themes at this year's Toy Fair in London.

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The hottest toys and top gadgets due to be lining your nearest Toys 'R' Us were given their public debut at the Toy Fair in London. Among the building blocks and train sets, movie and TV show tie-in toys and gaming merchandise dominated many of the stands.

Video games, movies, drones reign at London Toy Fair (photos)

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Top shows like "Breaking Bad" and "Game Of Thrones" have been given the toy treatment, with Heisenberg bobble action figures on offer, along with figurines of the family you love to hate, the Lannisters. Iron Man spread himself pretty thin across the show -- turning up in action figure form, as a plushy pillow, and as a two-grand hand-painted statue. Don't fancy a spherical cushioned Iron Man? You can get it in Hulk-form too.

Gamers are taken care of as well. "Assassins Creed 4" action figures showed up, alongside the cheeky robotic companion from "Borderlands 2," a turret from "Portal 2," and "Team Fortress 2" figurines. Fancy something more chilled? How about a bit of "Minecraft" -- foam pixel axes, Creeper backpacks, and foldable paper blocks were all on show.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

As if that wasn't enough gaming merchandise, Pokemon characters and Sonic the Hedgehog were walking the show floor.

Expect the skies to be buzzing with the sound of a million angry hornets in 2014 as remote-controlled drones, quadrocopters, and helicopters come out in force. You can snag a flying drone from as little as $57 (£35) for a tiny palm-sized quadracopter -- perfect for annoying your siblings or, more likely, your colleagues.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Head over to our photo gallery to see our picks of the best things from the Toy Fair. Make sure to let us know what your favorite toys are in the comments below.