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Mortal Kombat beers should ease pain of those fatalities

The three varieties, including one that mixes vanilla beans and Southwest chiles, are named for fighters from the game.

The three varieties are all named for game characters.
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Don't drink and game. Unless you're legally of age, not driving, etc., etc., etc., in which case, you have yet another video-game-inspired beer to choose from. Sound Brewery in Poulsbo, Washington, has released a line of beers named for Mortal Kombat X characters.

Scorpion Imperial Stout is the most intriguing of the three, featuring both vanilla bean and Southwest chile flavors. Sub-Zero Imperial IPA and Raiden Imperial Saison, a Belgian-style ale, are the other offerings.

Call of Duty already has a limited-edition pale ale that was intentionally made to look dark to match the game's Black Ops storyline. And Fallout has both a lager and a nonalcoholic blue version of the game's Nuka-Cola Quantum.

Here's hoping that every time a can is popped open, someone somewhere shouts, "FINISH IT!"

(Via GameSpot)