More Half-Life 2 coming

PC gamers rejoice -- Half-Life 2 is getting its first expansion.

Tim Surette

PC Gamers rejoice -- Half-Life 2 is getting its first expansion. Valve Software has confirmed that Half-Life 2: Aftermath is in the works, and will make an official announcement with details on the game in the coming weeks.

According to an article on Eurogamer.net, Valve employees Robin Harper and Marc Laidlaw spoke with PC Gamer UK about the forthcoming Aftermath.

Apparently, Valve is working on the expansion rather than doling out the development to another studio, like it did with Half-Life expansions Blue Shift and Opposing Force, both developed by Gearbox Software. "Right now, we're really, really good at making Half-Life 2," Harper admits. The specifics of the game are still very unclear. It is known that hero Gordon Freeman's sultry sidekick, Alyx, will play a large part in the add-on, but in what context is anyone's guess. Whether she will be a playable character, as previously rumoured, is unknown.

The expansion will take place immediately after the conclusion of Half-Life 2 and will see Freeman and Alyx fleeing from City 17 and its impending destruction. "You and Alyx are leading the flight from the city getting up close and personal with some of the creatures and sights from the end of the game," says Laidlaw. Valve failed to mention any release dates or game-specific information in the interview.

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